My Dating Story – Page 3

Whelp, you made it this far.  If you couldn’t tell from the photos, I enjoy traveling, photography and scuba diving.  I enjoy action sports and being active, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowboarding, and dirt biking.  I am passionate about animals, and I love my dog Zuka.  I play hockey twice a week as my primary means of exercise.  For my career, I have studied as a Computer Engineer at the University of Illinois, started working as a rotation engineer, followed by a logic designer focused on DDR IO, then went into Mixed Signal Validation, then Platform Project Analyst, then Project Manager in Graphics, and now as a Security Engineering Manager.   I am a master at run on sentences.  I enjoy listening to audio books – typically non-fiction.  My favorite topics include psychology, business/economics, evolutionary psychology, philosophical, and general informational books.  I enjoy doing video editing, and taking video as well – obviously, with all types of cameras including my drone.  At one point I was making custom drones and got into 3D printing and CNC milling.  I like working on projects using arduinos/electronics, but I haven’t in a while.  I used to have a lot of salt water aquariums, and birds, I’d like to get back into that at some point.  I can’t forget about my race team, I have participated in 3 races now, 2 in a miata, and 1 in a 2002 mustang.  Our next race is scheduled to be on Dec 5th.  I am looking forward to it.  I think about making my existing miata faster, but then I think about how fast my bike is and then I just ride that.  I currently have a big beard – it’s been almost a year…I’ve been known to shave it off on a whim, we’ll see.  I like it currently.  My hair is also the longest it’s ever been, I have been having fun with it, so I think I’ll keep it for now as well.  It’s 2am right now, and I would say that I am up this late more often than I should be.  It definitely makes the mornings hard for me…I like hitting the snooze button.  

That’s me in a nut shell, if you want to know more.  Message me on IG: something_creative27