Ecuador – Second stop on my Sabbatical in Jan 2018:

Jessica’s Wedding – I filmed/edited this for her, there is a color version on my channel, but I like the black and white:

How To Survive Puppyhood – a video I made about Zuka as she was a puppy (2012).

Snowboarding Video Sea created – Sea was my old roommate, so a lot of this edit was produced while we were watching TV together in the living room :). Highlight is at 3:20 :P.

Another Snowboarding video created by Sea:

Pursuit of Happyness – I know it’s spelled wrong…This was all footage from 2013 (the year I was married), with the exception of the backroll wakeboarding (that was before I broke my leg).

Really old compilation of kiting/snowboarding from when I was in college – one of the first video edits I did: