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Katie’s visits

I just wanted to Summarize the visits that Katie has had with me in Cali since January:

January 4th- 13th: Created the week of Katie…Initially attempted to surprise her with a Hot air balloon ride for Christmas, but it was canceled for weather. Weather really wasn’t good for pretty much the entire time katie was here. The first Friday, we went up to San Francisco walked around pier 39 saw the beach and the bridge, hung out with Marcus and Bruce and his roommates, went out to dinner around Haight and Ashberry. After dinner we hung out at Marcus’s house and played pick up sticks. The hot air balloon was canceled on Sat, so we went snowboarding at Lake Tahoe. Tahoe just got 10 ft of snow, tons of powder everywhere. The conditions were great. Also during this trip, we went out to lunch every day with the other REs, go-carting one week night, game night one night where we played cranium and taboo, the next weekend we tried to go hot air ballooning again. Friday I had a cook-off with Bruce at Bruce’s place in San Francisco, lots of people came cooked lots of food. Spent the night at bruce’s with the intent to go the following day to balloon. Canceled for weather. So we drove south, stopped off by the wildlife preservation in half moon bay, but it was closed for seal mating or something like that. So we drove into Big Basin, and Katie got to see the giant Redwoods. It was a good drive, but we still managed to make it down to Santa Cruz, where we walked around the tide pool, even though the tide was rising. Got to see some anemones, and then sat on the beach until the sun set. It was a fun day, and a long drive back to folsom ( 3 hours). The following Sunday katie had to leave early, so we did not do anything in the morning.

February : Just after a weekend of Snowboarding Sat, and surfing Monday, katie found out as a spur of the moment due to the shooting that she can come. Bought the ticket on the 18th, katie came out on the 19th…the fastest ever. We did small things throughout the week, on Friday we went to San Francisco to go climbing with Bruce. Sushmita stole our free tickets…but we still had fun. Ate some Indian food that night, and stayed over at Bruce’s again. Sat we went down to Monteray Bay, and went to the aquarium. It wasn’t very impressive, no whales, no seals, no coral, no sea turtles, no great white…disappointing, but still a fun day. Attempted to hot-air balloon again on Sunday, but it was canceled for weather. Dropped Katie off on Monday.

March 6th-17th : Brought Katie to Cookie time on Friday, she got to meet Erv. That first Saturday we went Canoing on Lake Natoma, that was fun but hard to paddle. Went to REI and looked at harnesses with one of my friends. After REI we went to Folsom Lake and took a nap on the sand in our sleeping bags. Finally hot air balloon worked out. Went to Napa Valley on Sunday, ate a small breakfast, went on the hot air balloon for about an hour, came back and ate some more. After Napa, we went to Golden Gate Park. Walked around the garden, where we saw trees from all over the world. Some really cool plants, I really like that place. Then we sat by the lake and looked at the turtles, there were tons. Then we took a nap on the lawn and got a little bit of sun. Pretty relaxing. Afterwards we drove along the coast by SF and saw the golden gate bridge again. Went back down to Pier 39 area, watched the sea lions, while we looked for food that wasn’t sea food. determined that our best bet was Rain Forest Cafe. We originally weren’t next to a fish tank, but we asked to be moved, and then we got to watch the fishies swim while we ate. Food wasn’t great, and over priced, but what can you do. It was getting pretty late so we just went home after that. Went to work that entire week, but worked from home Thursday and Friday. Katie was able to watch two of my soccer games on thursdays. We played one scrimage game after work one day. We watched a bunch of movies, went to the fish store, bought a leopard wrasse, and some coral. Originally we planned on going to Vegas with my roommate Dan and his friends, but they backed out, so we changed our mind. We ended up watching the air show on saturday, followed by some movies. The air show was pretty cool, I think I want my pilot’s license. Sunday we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, I got a season pass there. There was virtually no wait/crowd anywhere. we went on every roller coaster and a few multiple times, and we saw pretty much every show, killer whale, dolphin, tiger, sea lion, walrus, bird, and animal awareness. All in all a pretty good day.

That was Katie’s visits to Folsom in a nutshell.

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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

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