A day in the life of James Cavanaugh - or a few

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Ok, to all my loyal readers out there…I know I haven’t posted in a while. I have had a lot go on since my last post. My grandma died, so I was in IL for a week. I was in OR for 9 days for a business trip. And the other few weeks I was home I had so much work to catch up on due to the two trips. I have been pretty stressed out lately between finishing my work and finding my next job, the trip to OR was a good relaxer, however the work is still there. I have learned a lot recently about asp.net 2.0 and C#, I wish I had some more time to start working on personal development stuff. I really want to check out visual studio 2008 and asp.net 3.5. I tried to get this high visibility position in my job, and was “really close” but it didn’t work out. I told my friend if I didn’t get it I would run a triathlon with him in august, time to start training. So in order to start training I am going to have to fix my bike. I might try to do that today. On that note I am off to fix my bike.

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