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Looking at buying a house

So today I called this number to find out what I need to buy a house.

Turns out I might not need much.  Here are my steps as of now.

1. look up my credit score.

2. find out if I can qualify for government loans for first time home buyers.

3. find out about loans regarding moving the market etc.

4. Determine how much I should have saved(how much I can afford), and save that much…

5. Look at houses.

Right now I have some problems.  The biggest issue is that I need to have a secure job.  I need to know that my final placement will be here in Folsom.  The next issue is time frame.  Our lease is up at the end of July, I won’t know if I will have a secure job by then, and I won’t know if I will be able to move that fast.  So that brings into the situation should we extend our current lease short term and pay $200 a month more to do so?  Also my roommate is moving out beginning of july, so if we do extend our lease, we need to find a new roommate, otherwise rent will be $850…The last issue I have is the fact that I don’t know where Katie is going to be in a year, or if she will move out to me.  If she doesn’t that would be really hard.

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