A day in the life of James Cavanaugh - or a few

Another great weekend, minus the folliculitis

So I went down to SC again with Crisitian, met up with Saurabh Friday night.  Hadn’t seen him in a while, we went out to a bar – originally was looking to go to this Buddha lounge, but there was a $10 cover, and I had sandals which was a no go…so we ended up going to this place across the street which was pretty small, no cover, cheap drinks, and just hung out talking about crap, not a bad night.  Woke up around 8:30 to drive down to Big Basin – Saurabh and Cristian hadn’t seen it before.  Ate some breakfast along the way – saw the big trees, had a good time.  Drove down further to Santa Cruz and rented some surf boards.  Went out at 38th.  The waves were pretty small and sets were far apart – got to catch a few good waves though rode about 5 of them out.  It was pretty crowded and the surf was what I expected, but pretty relaxing none the less.  I saw a sea otter, some seals, and of course a bunch of birds.  Returned our boards and started driving up 1 to Bruce’s place.  Got some burgers at Betty Burger again – pretty taisty.  It was pretty late when we left, so we couldn’t see much on the drive home, but it wasn’t bad.  Got to Bruce’s, hung out with some other REs, drank, ate, played music, had a grand old time.  Molly, Sushmita and Theo moved down the street – so we went over to their place for the night.  The morning came fast and they wanted to get breakfast, so I told them to go without me so I could get some sleep, little did I know they would be gone over 3 hours…I woke up at 11 ish and went outside, right after I left, another person from the apartment left, locking me out…my cell phone was dead, my car is at Saurabh’s, what was I to do.  So I walked back to Bruce’s place, gate was locked, no answer from Bruce, couldn’t get in.  I thought about climbing over the door, which was pretty high, but it sounded like someone was on the balcony on the other side, and would have seen me, and I didn’t want to look like a fool.  So I walked back toward Molly’s place.  Was starting to get hungry so I stopped at a sandwich joint, got a roast beef sandwich.  Borrowed a cell phone from a girl sitting outside and called up Saurabh.   He said they were heading back, so I walked back to Mollys house and waited for like another 30 min outside.  I saw a humming bird, and was following it around for a bit, that was cool.  And there was a reward for a cockatiel for $1000…I couldn’t believe someone would pay that much for a cockatiel…So finally they all returned, and we went back to the hotel Saurabh was staying at…he had to do some things for class and was making some phone calls, and we finally got out around 3:30.  Got gas and McDonalds and started driving, I wanted to pick up a leash for my kiteboard, turned off, did a bunch of u turns, finally got to a petco and bought a leash for $20…cheaper than the $70 quan got his for with the same functionality.  Got back on the road toward 3rd ave, finally get there around 5…start suiting up.  By the time everything was ready -6pm…I couldn’t believe it.  the wind was still going strong so I went out.  Saurabh and Cristian were going to SF, so they ditched me right when I got started.  I got off and running right away, everything felt great, much better than last weekend.  I was able to carve up wind, and stayed in the water for a while, not sure on the exact time probably 30 min or so.  Then the wind was dying…wtf.  It wasn’t too big of a deal cause I didn’t want to get too far down wind anyways, but I brought the kite back down on the beach, and packed up.  Saw quan walking back while I was walking down, and got some dinner with him.  Really I was feeling great from the kiteboarding I did, I was cruising pretty fast at one point and contemplated getting some air…maybe next week.  We ate a dinner for 3 at Boston Market, mmmm.  Drove home, was exhausted, went to sleep.  Woke up the next day with this rash all over my stomach, and a little on my butt, knees, and arm pits…it was weird.  I figured it had to have been from something in the bay, so I wanted to go to a doctor to get it checked out.  He said it was a type of folliculitis which is common when wearing a wetsuit, in dirty water and such.  Usually shows up 8-24 hours later…which it did, and goes away in 7-14 days…which sucks.  So he said don’t go in the water til it is gone, but windy season is almost over, and I’ll have all winter to heal.  While I was at the doctor, got some other shots, and blood work done just cause.  That was my weekend.  Another big one planned for next weekend…look forward to it.

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