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October Update

Alright, I am feeling some momentum going on my website enhancements.  Finally I am looking into getting some ads, creating some more content, making new pages, and making everything more efficient.  I use Vim at work all the time, and now I have finally downloaded it to use at my personal computer.  I am going to have to steal my .vimrc script from work, since there are a lot of short cuts that I miss not having here.  I have a new found energy recently maybe because I am tired of working and realize the only way to get out of this rut is to work harder at something to get me out.  Right now I have been digging a hole that is getting deeper and deeper, and I feel like I need to start spending some time building a ladder.   Some things that have been going well are the house, finially patched the ceiling in the kitchen, and the lights look good.  I still need to put some texture on it, but at least it isn’t a hole anymore.  Katie worked on cleaning the blinds that were in the garage, and we hung them up today, so that looks good.  We still have to put up blinds on most of the windows, but the ones in our bathroom, and the ones in the livingroom/kitchen are up, so that’s a step forward.  The railings on the porch are up now, at least 80% of them…and I must say I think they look great.  The white semi-gloss paint really stands out, and cleans up nice.  The grill I have is also working great – had some great ribs today with some chicken, and steak, and corn, and potatoes, and salad, mmm it was good.  Wilber has been behaving really well recently – hasn’t been barking too much, and everyone sees him as being so obediant, so that’s good.   I’m sure the kitchen is going to suck up all of my cash, but I am hoping that when I am done I will still have enough to buy my supplies for my fish tank.  I am thinking I want to build a plywood/epoxy tank with starphire glass on front.   I have some pretty big plans, but I have to finish some other things in the pipe first.    Once my kitchen is done, I want to finish up my office, and will most likely buy a mac that I can use to develop some iphone apps.  I also want to epoxy the garage floor before it gets too filled with things.  I still need to replace many of my light fixtures in the house, and finish the base boards, although I feel like those things should go relatively quickly once the kitchen is done.   The tile flooring in the kitchen may be a little time consuming, and a lot of work, but I am up for it.  That’s about all for my October update.

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