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First attempt at a wake to wake 360 this year

Alright, so I am pretty pumped about this year’s wakeboard season. I have some pretty solid contacts and it looks like I should be getting a lot of time out on the water. So far I have been out 3 times, and this last time I tried to do a 360. I was also trying out the video player that comes as default in word press to see how it looks and if I should continue using it. So I am going to keep this post pretty short, as the video speaks for itself.

First 360 Attempt This Year

After looking at the preview…looks like the video player is just a link…not as clean as if it had a preview thing in there. I’ll keep looking for something that can be nice and easy like the photo below:

Bik was taking pictures instead of video...
Bik was taking pictures instead of video...

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