My New Lights came in!

So my shipment of new T5HO light bulbs for my fish tank, and a new pump for my protein skimmer finally came in. I installed the new lights on the tank and they look great. I can really see a difference already. And I organized the lights so that they make more sense than they were previously organized…i.e. I put the actinics on the same row in the back, I put the daylights on the same row in the middle and I put the aquablue on the front in the same row. I do think I should add on 2 more rows, but I want to see how the LED lights look, and I want to get a better rack that can lower and raise first. So I guess step one would be to get a better rack that I could lower and raise. Step two would be to add more light depending on how the growth is, whether I put on more actinic or more daylight, or whether I use LED or T5 is a question for later.

The protein skimmer is a little more tricky. I upgraded the pump to the bubble blaster, but I don’t know how to connect it to the existing connections. I hope I can find some more info online later, and that’s my plan for now. I’ll update later when I have everything connected.

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