A day in the life of James Cavanaugh - or a few

weekend fun

Alright, so I had a pretty good time this weekend, and I wanted to document it, I have some pictures, but I will figure out a good way to link them later. On friday night me, joe, gene, richard and liz went out to mike’s for guiness night. It was kinda lame, but I ended up playing some pool with this guy for like 7 games. the first 6 i was schooling him, I even felt bad about it and was going for some of the harder shots on purpose to make it more fair. on the 7th game he was playing well and I wasn’t trying too hard so he finally beat me. it was pretty fun. following that bar we went to this concert to see one of liz’s co-workers. It was pretty hard core punk music, and I was having a good time. At one point me and gene started mashing, and this guy comes up to us with a mini flash light, and says ‘not here guys’. And I was thinking first of all its not that dark, no need for a flashlight, second of all, this is a crappy place with punk music, if we can’t mash here where do you want us to, and third it was just me and gene and we know each other. Anyways, had fun the rest of the night, ended up getting some food at lions after the concert. Good times. Saturday came faster than I wanted, as I was awaken at 8:30 to go to six flags. We met up at work around 9, drove to six flags got there around 10;30, then went to dennys, ate til around 11:30, went in the park rode some rides, including the new tony hawk’s big spin. Karol puked on Kong, and looked like he would puke on big spin. I wanted to buy the video of the ride cause it was really funny looking, but couldn’t bring myself to spending $20 on it. We ate at Chevy’s afterward and it was really tasty. Sunday morning came faster than I wanted as well, woke up at 8 to get to work by 8:30. We went to the Moaning Caverns down 49. That was tons of fun. We went rappelling down into the cave, from there we went through a series of tunnels and rooms, some of which were really small. We were wearing coveralls with kneepads and elbow pads, a helmet with a light and that was it. At the end of the tour there was this tunnel called godzilla’s nostril, it was a small enough opening where i had to keep my hands above my head or i wouldn’t fit, upward slant of 30 degrees, and not many places for foot holds. there was a rope in the middle, but since I couldn’t bend my arms, I couldn’t really use it to pull me up. that took forever to get out of, but i like a challenge. Oh yea, and there was a cockatoo that they kept outside all year round there. I thought that was an interesting idea and wouldn’t mind doing something like that when I get a house. Almost forgot to mention the best part, they had a 1/4 mile zip line. Two people could ‘race’ side by side on zip lines 80 feet above the ground at 40 mph. i tried video taping as i went, but it wasn’t so easy. will have to post my video soon. thats all for today.

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