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Awesome weekend

So, I had another awesome weekend, so I thought I should document it. It started with our Quarterly volunteering event painting the YMCA. As I had painting experience, I was leading the group in painting the entire building, despite a little resistance and a broken sprayer we were able to complete what we set out to do. the YMCA looked much better and the organizer was very happy with the work we got done. Right after we left the YMCA we picked up a bunch of food and beer for a BBQ at my pool. There was probably about 10 people in the pool area, and I needed to get some things from my apartment, when I came back there was a squad car there due to a noise complaint! at 7:30 pm on a Friday night, how ridiculous is that. Luckily he was a really cool cop and thought the noise complaint was out of line, as we were not noisy and there wasn’t even many people there. The rest of the night went great, had more than 30 people there, tons of food, lots of beer. After we were done cooking, we were playing around in the pool, seeing who could get the cap first, taking some underwater videos etc. The pool became a little chilly so we all moved to the hot tub, the interns left for another party, but a bunch of people stuck around and just drank and had fun by the hot tub. Went back to my house played some rock band, watched some you tube videos, good times. Woke up at 7:30 to get to Brent’s house by 8 for paintball. Took a while to get there, finally there around 11, played 4 games FM vs SC – 2:2 last game FM still had 5 players alive (what a shut-out), Then we played 5v5v5 king of the hill style, I ran to the flag and got there first, unfortunately I got shot up, and Molly was able to put her flag up. They continued to hold it until I came around the outside, shot up Hosam like a sitting duck, took out Sreeky just after he replaced the flag, and stuffed my flag in the pole. While defending my flag, some paint balls whizzed by me. I knew I was visible, so I ran to the other side of where Wilson was hiding. Unfortunately I was wide open to the majority of the field there, and only defended from the one guy(I think was Cristian), so I took a run for the shelter across the way where I think Weijia was hiding. Unluckily I tripped on a rock and fell on my gun, rolled to the side on a bunch of rocks in a ditch area. Man did that suck, my gun was hissing as the air rushed out of the CO2 tank, I wasn’t sure if it was going to blow up or what. Soon the air stopped coming out and I noticed the fill nossel broke off. I took the gun back to the shop area, and told them what happened, the guy was like I’ll be able to fix it, don’t worry. Then he looked at it and was like, maybe not looks like you really broke it. He gave me a new tank and there wasn’t any problems. I thought that was pretty nice. Finished the day and I was bruised up. Bleeding on my arm from the fall, my foot was killing me, and my knee didn’t feel right. Bruises all over from being shot, some of the worst. We went to Express Gourmet for food, I ate some well deserved Prime Rib, mmm it was good. Unfortunately it wasn’t sitting well and my stomach was killing me. We went to Wal-mart to pick up some floats for Sunday. Cleaned up, went to Brent’s, hung out watched Hot Fuzz, ate some Papa Johns, went to sleep.

Sunday we woke up around 11 – like we should have – and got organized for the float. Went to In and Out for Lunch and dropped off everything by the launch area. Thought we wouldn’t have to pay $5 but unfortunately we had to pay by the end, so it didn’t matter after all. Sreekanth and Wilson drove back, we dropped off Wilson’s car so we only had to pay for one…and got set up to start floating. The bridge is only like 12 feet off the water, and last time we were there, tons of people were jumping off it. I jumped off it to show Dan it was deep enough, then I video taped him do it, then he video taped me doing a back flip off the bridge. As I was getting out of the water this park ranger was walking towards me saying “was it worth it”, and I am like what do you mean, I knew he would write me a ticket for it, even thought it was bs. He says whats your first name, and I am like James. And I say what are you writing the ticket for, he replies “bridge jumping”, and I said, I didn’t know it was illegal, and he replied it’s written on the ground. Here I saw stuff painted on the ground when I was on the bridge, but it was completely illegible, so I said, can you show me. He replies “Middle name”, and I said I didn’t see the sign can you show me the sign, “MIDDLE NAME” he yelled at me. What a douche. He said he started writing the ticket and there was nothing I can do to stop him now. Which I thought was a BS too, then he said he was really busy and that if I didn’t comply I would be arrested etc. I calmly talked to him for a while as it took forever for them to look up my background check.  I found out that he has been doing his job for 3 years, but still doesn’t know the zip code for Folsom, the town over, he agreed with me that jumping off the bridge shouldn’t be a misdemeanor, and he couldn’t even find the code for bridge jumping.  Then he continued to say, don’t go off the rope swings, or get into a drunken fight at the end, or I would be arrested.  He took my thumb prints and said if I was lying it would be a felony, and I would have a warrant out for my arrest.  All I did was jump off a bridge, where it was safe to do so.  Anyways, the float was awesome, a few rough spots, Ann almost drowned, but was ok, my raft got a hole, I had to swim upstream for like 15 min to get rafts that fell off.  We stopped at the party island, everyone was drinking, it was a great time.  Erv broke his paddle, everyone tried standing up on the air mattress Quan brought.  Cristian disappeared and we found him in a raft with 2 girls.  That was pretty funny.  We get to the end, deflate all the rafts, get to my car, guess what – Mohamed and Weijia left their keys in Sreekanth’s car at the start!  We dropped off all the cars so we wouldn’t have to make two trips, I don’t know what they were thinking.  Wilson and Weijia drove back and picked up everyone,  Me, Dan, Erv, and Robin went to Mongo for dinner, and eventually everyone else got there.  And I forgot to mention I got a ticket on my car for expired sticker on my license plate.  I can’t tell if it is $25 or $50 cause it says $25 twice, but we’ll see.  Either way it is retarded because the sticker has been on my desk for months.  I am hoping I’ll be able to fight that one, as well as the bridge jumping one…but we’ll see.

Monday, just cause I didn’t tire myself out enough on the weekend, rode my bike to work, home, brent’s then ran with brent 3 miles, swam .54 (860m), ran back 3, rode the distance we ran to scout it out, ate a steak brent made, and rode home.   All in all, 15 mile bike, 6 mile run and 860m swim.  Good training for the tri – too bad the smoke from the fires bothered my lungs all day today.

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