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Brain Rules Book Review

Alright, I am a big fan of this book. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and everything about my life, as you may have determined from other posts. And this book is just talking about how the brain works, and basically what I could do to help work in ways that would be more efficient. Much of it is things that we all have probably heard before, but it is presented in such a way that it sounds like new ideas and reinvigorates my mind and thinking. The book talks about how we only have a 10 min attention span, and we loose interest, and how classrooms need to change the way they give lessons. How we need to repeat ideas in order to remember them. How we need adequate sleep in order for our brain to process the things we learned during the day. How exercise is essential in order for us to keep our brain operating in tip top shape. But it isn’t just the ideas, the stories that the author uses as examples are great, and help in drilling the points home. I have to admit, some of the times when the book went into the detailed workings of the brain, I started day dreaming a bit, but it is important to know that this book is based on studies and research, not just some theories. I feel like if you combine this book with the 4 hour work week. You could become superman. In the sense that many of these ideas break from traditional methods of learning/working. Taking afternoon naps. Learning in a way that would be short bursts, with more repetition. If you had an open schedule by utilizing ideas from 4HWW, some of these ideas could be utilized. That could result in even better efficiency. There is a website dedicated to this book, which has a wealth of information: www.brainrulesbook.com. I think I will have to listen to this book again, with the intention of writing down a list of to do items based on this book. Perhaps an action plan on how to implement these ideas more and start working on becoming superman.

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  1. Jamie, Did you know Tricia read this book and referenced in her college admission paper? I have been reading it (before bed..if not too tired). A few takeaways that I appreciate, exercise, napping, good sleep at night are all necessary activate the brain.

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