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What The Dog Saw Book Review

Malcolm Gladwell, one of my favorite authors for sure. I love how he can hook you into a story and spin it in such a way that it seems like something you would have never thought of before. Like we have all heard of the dog whisperer but I don’t think any of us have thought about what it is about him that makes him so good with dogs. Or rather we probably thought he had some magic connection with dogs. But in fact it is just his body language. I know I didn’t imagine the dog whisperer as having a hard time communicating with people, but his relationship with his wife in his earlier days is very interesting. I wasn’t too big of a fan of the 9/11 story, mostly cause I am tired of hearing about 9/11. As I am sure all of my regular readers know, I listen to audio books all the time. Normally I just listen to them when I am alone in my car on the way to and from work. But this book was so interesting to me that I had to share it with Katie. Katie normally does not like my books and immediately will change them to the radio. I convinced Katie to listen for 2 minutes. Before long, she was hooked and wanted to finish listening to the story. We were at our destination and she didn’t want to get out. I think this is the only book that has had this effect so far. Super Freak-o-nomics is a close second at keeping Katie’s attention. Anyways, if you are interested, more info on the book at Amazon obviously.

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