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Light Scribe CDs

Alright, so when I bought my new HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop with all the bells and whistles, it came with a light scribe CD/DVD burner. Since I needed to buy some more CDs for my audio books anyways, I decided to try out these new Light Scribe Cool Color CDs:

Since this was the first time I used this Light Scribe feature on my CD burner, I have to admit, I am not impressed. The CDs worked fine and came out looking professional, but it took forever to finish. I mean, after burning a CD for about 8 minutes, it then took about 20 minutes to etch in a very simple basic design. Not to mention it was much louder than I thought it would be. Not that it was a huge annoyance, but I just wasn’t expecting a laser to be loud. So overall I thought these CDs at 50 cents a piece was a little expensive for the trouble they caused me. If I was making a CD to give as a Demo Disk, or perhaps a Photo CD for a wedding album, or maybe a home video DVD that I was giving to my girlfriend or something, than I would probably use this light scribe feature, and I liked the colors, but otherwise I don’t think it was worth it to write the title of a book…disk 8.

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