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I have been wanted to put up some inspirational quotes on my wall for a while now. Today I was getting frustrated and decided to look at my phone for some inspirational quotes. I am glad that I did. The free app for android with 500 different quotes definitely calmed my nerves and allowed me to refocus my mind on the big picture. Since the phone did such a good job at this, I thought it would be a good idea to have constant reminders on the wall. I looked at a couple sites for pre-made inspirational quotes that are already in nice fonts and designs, unfortunately I didn’t find anything that I really liked. There were many cheesy quotes about love and family and things that would be good, but just not what I am looking for. I wanted something that said Desire. I guess that would be enough in it’s own. I keep thinking back to think and grow rich, where they continue to emphasize on desire. So I don’t want to put what I desire on the wall, maybe I should, but I just wanted “Desire” to be on the wall so that I can remember to drive and push myself toward what I desire, and not just waste time browsing the internet.

I have always liked frogs and lizards growing up, and so I thought it would be nice if I could get a silhouette of a frog or a lizard jumping after an insect or a branch or potentially hanging on a branch by one hand. It was harder than I thought to find an image like this online that would look good…and I ended up taking a photo from the search and creating my own silhouette and moving the lizard to be hanging on the “D” of desire.

Desire Wall Decor
Desire Wall Decor

The silhouette is based off the original image located here:

I am pretty satisfied with the result, and I hope it turns out good enough to put on my wall without too much embarrassment.

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  1. I like your ‘Desire’ wall silhouette –turned out great! Let me know if this type of motivation works as I can get very easily distracted from the tasks I actually need to do, like taking care of work, cleaning up, bills or household papers, by things like surfing the internet, chatting online and social networking sites. It’s not that anything is wrong with doing these things, it’s just that it’s so easy to avoid other things and surfing can take up extraordinary amounts of time. Love ya

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