Rainy days are so demotivating

This weekend has been non-stop rain…and it is killing my motivation. Katie is gone and I haven’t done nearly as much as I wanted to this weekend…I blame the rain. I did set up the turtle tank, so that was good. I also had some pretty good luck at the frag swap on Saturday…got some new good frags, and from the raffle I received a reef nutrition kit, a 2 pound container of phosphate remover, and $80 of gift certificates. I have to admit, that was pretty good this weekend. Frag swap aside, I just watched a bunch of movies, and slept in late. I cleaned up after Wilber’s crap that he decided to leave me 3 times…that was tons of fun. But I don’t know why the rain really makes me demotivated. I wanted to work on my sump, but since it was raining…I didn’t. And I wanted to work on my LED light fixture…but it was raining. Anyways, I suppose I will just watch some Revenge of the Nerds now…

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